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Get Your Tank or Tankless Water Heater Installed by Tom Moffett Plumbing

Hot water is one of the prime luxuries of civilization. Your supply of hot water fills your washing machines, sinks, baths, and showers, but it all comes from the same source, your water heater. Whether you use an electric heater, a boiler, or a tankless water heater every drop of hot water passes through it. At Tom Moffett Plumbing, we know everything about hot water, and we’re ready to put that knowledge to work.

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Since 1969 we’ve been the authority for Orange County on having hot water ready in the home. Whether you need a repair or a new installation, if your water heater isn’t working then you should call us. Working with a water heater is dangerous work, which is why you should always have one installed or repaired by a professional technician or plumber. Hot water can scald, and the heating elements of gas and electric water heaters can cause a great deal of injury if not treated properly. For your benefit we do:

  • Professional Installations
  • Leak Repairs
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Gas Hookups
  • Pressure Setup and Regulation

Tankless Water Heaters

At Tom Moffett Plumbing, we strive for energy and water efficiency in everything we do. We’re even Green Screen Plumbing certified. So when we look at a new water heater installation, we stop to consider just how much you might save in energy costs with a tankless water heater.

Many times the installation of a tankless system can save on energy costs by as much as 30% each month!

The benefits of a tankless system don’t end there either. Tankless water heaters are well-known for:

  • Environmental Friendliness – They use less energy, which means lower consumption of
  • Longer Lifespans – While your typical water heater should last between 5 and 10 years,
    tankless systems can last between 15 and 25 years!
  • Space Saving – Since tankless systems are, by name, without a bulky water storage tank,
    they take up far less room in your basement or utility closet.
  • Endless Hot Water – Tankless systems heat water as it passes through to the fixture. While there’s a short warm-up period as hot water moves from the heating element to the faucet, as long as you aren’t exceeding the rate at whiich the system can heat water, you will never run out of ready-to-order hot water.

For more information about our hot water heater repair and replacement services, call Tom Moffett Plumbing at 714-541-6407.