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We Can Repair Your Sewer Line Without Costly Excavations

Sewer pipe repair at your Orange County, CA home can really create a mess in your yard. That’s why Tom Moffett plumbing uses the trenchless sewer repair system from Perma-Liner.

The Perma-Liner System allows our professional plumbers to completely rehabilitate your home’s sewer line from one simple access point. This prevents us from having to tear up the whole yard, protecting plants, vegetation, hardscape, landscape, and underground utilities from damage.

The trenchless sewer repair experts at Tom Moffett Plumbing are able to refurbish trenchless sewer pipes from 2” to 8” in diameter. In most cases, we are able to do the complete job in less than one day. Using the Perma-Liner System allows our plumbers to successfully navigate around any turns that your trenchless sewer pipe line takes without harming the integrity of the installation.

Advantages of the Perma-Liner System Installed by Tom Moffett Plumbing

  • Formulated Epoxy Resins
  • Eliminate Root Intrusion
  • Increase Flow Efficiency
  • Minimum Design Life 50 Years (Tested)
  • Prevent Pipe Failure
  • Only Cured In Place Pipe Product Approved for Lateral Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California

Trenchless Sewer Repair & Installation

The trenchless sewer pipe repair service uses a combination of a strong liner with an epoxy resin to give your trenchless sewer pipe a seal that immediately repairs any cracks or holes that you had. The Perma-Liner System allows the Tom Moffett Plumbing plumbers to completely rehabilitate your sewer pipe quickly and get it back on line.

We can be reached through the Contact Us page with any trenchless sewer pipe questions that you may have.

To find out more information about the Perma-Liner System trenchless sewer pipe service, call Tom Moffett Plumbing at 714-541-6407.